Free email spam scanning.

Lizzy Internet scans your incoming email for spam completely free of charge.

Be secure in the knowledge that your incoming email is checked with the most up to date scanners available.

The best part is that there is no software for you to install, nothing you need keep up to date and no subscriptions to renew.

How does it work?

Lizzy Internet's spam buster scans your incoming email. If the scanner determines an email is spam it quarantines the spam by moving it to a separate spam-only email box called your mailname‑spam.

For example, if your email address is then your spam email box is fred‑spam.

If we failed to detect a spam email you can report it by clicking on the 'Report this email as spam' link which we place at the bottom of each email.

What if I'm missing some email?

If you didn't receive some email it might be because we have incorrectly assessed it as spam.

You can locate such emails by browsing your spam email box using webmail.

Log in with your spam mail box name and use the same password from your non-spam mail box.

If you wish to free an email from the spam mail box just click on the 'Send this email to your inbox' link at the bottom of the email.

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